Program Development

Wondering if we can provide a program for a group in your area?

Disorders or conditions that qualify for our programs.

Boundless Paths Incorporated does not limit our programming by type of condition.  We feel that everyone can benefit from outdoor recreation and grow by experiencing the outdoors.  

There are conditions that the Board of Directors has more experience with than others.  BPI will not commit to a program until a safe atmosphere that includes physical safety, emotional safety, and psychological safety can be assured.  In most situations these obstacles can be overcome through education and involvement from the community and caregivers.

Our programs are not cookie cutter programs and are tailored for the individual participants and communities they serve.  Depending on the community for which the program is taking place, the participation of the caregivers/families may be required in order to guarantee the safety and quality of the program.

Ages that qualify for our programs.

We develop programs for all ages.  

Some programs are only for adults, some only for kids, some for transition aged youth and some open to all ages.  

Depending on the situation, adult guardians may be required to participate with the individuals the program is designed to benefit.

Program Locations

Instead of offering programs at a single specific location, Boundless Paths Incorporated offers programs nationwide.  While this increases the time it takes to sort out logistics, we feel that it creates more opportunities for more people.  We understand that for many people with chronic conditions travel itself can be difficult.  By reducing the need to travel we try to simplify the process for our participants and the costs of travel at the same time.

The good news is that there are opportunities for outdoor recreation everywhere and by providing a program in the local area, our participants may be able to continue utilizing the location and information long after the individual event is over.

Program Prioritization

When Boundless Paths Incorporated receives program requests we use various criteria to evaluate them and determine what groups get programs first.

  • The first concern that has to be taken into account is safety.
  • Secondly we look at need. (How restrictive the condition is and what other organizations are trying to fill that need.)
  • Third we look at community participation. (This means people affected by the condition along with their families and caregivers.)
  • Obviously financial standing and the program's feasibility are also concerns. (Location and materials can affect the costs.)
  • Finally we want to see value in what we are doing.  Bigger is not always better, What participants might gain from a program far outweighs how many participants we have.

Development Process

The following are the steps that are typically involved in developing a BPI program from beginning to end.
  1. BPI receives a program request for a specific condition in a specific area.
  2. Somebody from BPI follows up by contacting the person who requested the program and gathers more information.
  3. That Board Member researches the condition, including other supporting organizations and opportunities for collaboration,
  4. The BPI Board of Directors discusses the request and evaluates what the next steps should be and assigns a Board Member to follow up.  
  5. The following are standard next steps that may be assigned by the Board.
    • If all concerns have already been met, a timeline will be established for program development and coordination with the local community.
    • If the Board decides that the condition does not demonstrate the need due to lack of restrictive qualities or because there are already organizations filling that need, the Board Member will notify the contact of the Board's decision including the information that brought about that decision.
    • If there are outstanding concerns regarding the safety, our financial capabilities, etc., the Board member will begin working on ways to resolve those concerns.
  6. With board approval the event planning now begins and a Program Director elected.  
  7. The Program Director works closely with the affected community, finds volunteers and assigns various tasks to create a suitable event that accomplishes the goals of Boundless Paths Incorporated and best serves the target community's needs.

The development process takes a lot of time and work.  It is not uncommon for a program to take a year or more in the development process and rarely to never is completed in under 6 months.