FAQs - Funding

Q:  What expenses does Boundless Paths need funding for?
A:   Our expenses come in various forms and depend on the individual
        program and location.  The most common expenses are food, location
        rental, gear rental, travel, and insurance.  We try to keep our costs
        down whenever possible, that is why neither the Board of Directors
        nor the staff receive any payment as compensation for their services.

Q:  How will you be able to pay the expenses if you don't ask participants
        to pay for attendance?
A:   We are always looking for sources of funding.  Through donations
        from both individuals and organizations we hope to cover large
        portions of our costs.  We will, from time to time, also work with
        other organizations that can underwrite our costs for different events.
        We will also be conducting our own fund raising events to supplement
        our funding.

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