Program Descriptions

The basic types of programs that Boundless Paths Inc. will be providing are; 

  • Informational Programs - During these programs our focus is on learning ways to access different types of outdoor recreation.  This may include providing speakers that function to give participants some insights into how to overcome the specific obstacles that stand in their way and/or provide individualized guidance as to opportunities they may not know about.

  • Day Programs - This encompasses a large range of programs including fishing trips, picnics, partial day hikes, canoeing, birding and much more

  • Camping Programs - These programs always involve at least two days with participants spending the night(s) in tents, shelters, cabins, or lodges.  Some of these programs may be very relaxing, just allowing for time to enjoy the outdoors at the participant's own pace, while others may involve a more developed program that guides them though several activities and types of recreation.

  • Adventure Programs - These programs always involve at least one night spent in the outdoors.  Participants say farewell to the ordinary life around them for the duration of these programs and spend their time fully in the wilds.  Adventure camps may take the guise of backpacking trips, canoe treks or base camps, the one guarantee is that each program will offer once in a lifetime experiences.

  • Financial Assistance - Depending on circumstances Boundless Paths Incorporated may offer financial assistance for Individuals or their families who wish to attend one of our events or a similar event offered by another organization.

  • Organizational Grants - Boundless Paths Incorporated may also offer some grants to organizations that provide similar programs in order to prevent duplication of services and/or provide participants with the safest and best experiences possible.