Program Interest Survey

Program Interest Survey

To help us better serve you, please answer the following questions.


1) Where are you from? *
Please do not provide an exact address, general geographical area within your state is sufficient for what we need.

2) What is your connection to the Boundless Paths Community? *

3) Please indicate the type of condition that impacts you the most.
Answering this question will help us to better cater our programs and events to your needs. We will be asking for no identifying information on this form.

4) If you answered "Other" to question 3, please describe.

5) Have you participated in a Boundless Paths' program before?

6) What new types of programs would you like to see us offer?

7) What concerns would you have about attending a Boundless Paths' event?

8)What types of programs interest you the most?
(Select all that apply)

9) Suggest some activities we should offer. Regardless of whether you've done these activities before or if they are things you've always wanted to do but haven't gotten to.

10) Give us any extra comments or suggestions you want to share.

**Optional** Give us your name and a phone number that so we can reach you if you wish to discuss this as a program possibility.