FAQs - Participants

Q:  Do you charge anything to participate in one of your programs?
A:   As of right now we do not want to charge participants anything,
        and assuming we can find ways to pay for all aspects of the
        program we do not anticipate ever having to charge participants.
        Medical Conditions can be very costly, asking people that may
        already have such financial burdens to pay for these programs
        should be avoided if possible.

Q:  Is there a minimum age to participate in any of your programs.
A:  There is no fixed age limit on our programs.  For now, only persons
        18 years of age or older will be accepted to participate unless a
        parent or guardian accompanies those under the age of 18 to the
        event.  If a person other than the parent is to act as the guardian
        during one of our events, that person must provide a signed
        statement from the parent giving them the right to act as the
        child's guardian during the event.  Age restrictions may be
        changed depending on specific circumstances and individual

Q:  What is expected of me if I am a participant at one of your programs?
A:   The only expectations that we place on our participants is that they
        attend in good faith.  This means that when they participate to the best
        of there abilities in the program and do not intentionally try to
        negatively disrupt the program.  This also means that if they foresee a
        problem or have concerns about participating in any part of our
        program they should bring it to our attention as soon as possible.
        They can do this either before the program starts or to our staff, at
        the program, if the problem doesn't present itself before they are there.

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