FAQs - Programs

Q:  How do you decide where and when to put on your programs?
A:  There are a lot of people in need of these programs.  For the most
        part our decisions will be based on the need for a program in an area
        as well as the interest level found there.  The scheduling of programs
        will depend greatly on the type of program and location itself.  A
        good example would be backpacking in New York during the winter
        and spring.  Due to climate and weather conditions we will be looking
        to provide programs at times they would be most successful.

Q:  What interest level do you need to see to consider running a program
       in an area?
A:  The interest level needed will vary with the type of program.  Most
       Adventure Programs work better with no more than 15 participants,
       while Day Programs, Camping Programs, and Informational Sessions
       can involve many more people.

Q:  How do I request a program in my area?
A:  We do not guarantee that we will be able to provide programs to all
       people/areas that request them.  You should start by filling out our
       Program Interest Survey located in the Forms section of this website.
       Once you've completed and submitted it, let us know how much
       interest there is in your area by having friends and other possible
       participants fill out their own surveys and submit them to us as well.

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